How to find a subsequence of a sequence for academic writing

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Using subsequences to prove convergence

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Finding the number of all longest increasing subsequences

If M is a finite multiset, then a multiset permutation is an ordered arrangement of elements of M in which each element appears exactly as often as is its multiplicity in anagram of a word having some repeated letters is an example of a multiset permutation.

If the multiplicities of the elements of M (taken in some order) are,and their sum. Modify them so that they return in a single object the value of the maximum subsequence and the indices of the actual sequence. a. Write a program to determine if a positive integer, N, is prime.

Before introducing the subsequence notation, here is a definition of a sequence that is suitable for many mathematical investigations (c.f. with this wikipedia link): A sequence is a function whose domain is either $\{n \ge 0 \; | \; n \in \mathbb Z\}$ or $\{n \gt 0 \; | \; n \in \mathbb Z\}$.

Determine subsequence of sequence [closed] Ask Question. up vote-1 down vote favorite. I know the formal definition of a subsequence, but can't figure out how to find them for some particular sequence. Could someone show some of the methods for finding them?

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How to find a subsequence of a sequence for academic writing
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